Oris Accessories

The Watchmaker is the USA’s primary consumer supplier of genuine Oris accessories. In addition to the straps, bands, and bracelets listed on our accessories shop below, we are also able to supply any still-available Oris accessories, including straps, bands, bracelets, connecting hardware, links, and toolkits.

We can also provide accessories as part of a repair estimate, if requested. All orders are filled according to present stock and availability, and certain items may need to be special-ordered from Switzerland.

All Oris straps, bands, and bracelets have a unique product ID in the format 07 X XX XX, and are designed to match particular caseback numbers. To find the caseback number of your watch, look for a 4-digit number on the caseback, not to be confused with the watch’s 7-digit serial number.

Our online shop is organized first by model, and then by caseback number. You can also use the search function to find a strap using its unique product ID. If the strap, band, bracelet, or model number you need is not listed, contact us for assistance.

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