Repair Pricing & Shop Policies

Common Repair Costs:

Common Watch Battery Replacement $17.95 (including tax) and up.  Includes new battery and professional installation.  We do not use customer-supplied parts or batteries.

Battery Replacement including basic water-resistance testing: $40 and up.

Battery Clock Repair (movement replacement) $65 and up.  Includes 2 year warranty.

Bracelet Sizing (removal or addition of links) $20 and up

Bracelet Sizing on watches purchased @ The Watchmaker is usually no charge.

Replacement of bracelet spring bars (pair) $9.41 + tax.

Minimum bench charge for any watch being left for repair $95.  Typically includes check of timekeeping, water-resistance, minor repairs/adjustments as needed, light cleaning of case and band.

Atmos Clock Evaluation and Estimates $125, this is applicable toward the repair if approved, due if declined.  Shipping is additional.

If an estimating charge is applicable you will know in advance, and it can be applied toward an approved repair.  Typical estimate charge $95 and up.

We do not offer refunds on battery replacements or labor charges, no exceptions.  Should a watch need more repair after a recent battery replacement, we are glad to apply the previous charges toward a comprehensive repair.

We make no guarantees on time-frame of a repair.   We strive to complete repairs in a timely manner and on schedule and, when asked, we provide our best estimate as to when a repair may be completed based on where it is in the process.   The anticipated date of completion may be subject to change at any time during the repair process.