Rolex Repair

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I had a good experience with the Watchmaker. They initially took all the serial numbers and were very thorough in recording every detail of the watch. They meticulous examined my watch and indicated what needed to be replaced. They were very pricey, but the quality of the work was outstanding. The turn around time, however, was slow but that may have been due to the type of watches I was servicing, Rolex Date Just and Rolex Presidential. It took approximately two months to get the watches back but they look and run perfectly. The Watchmaker did something that no other shop I have dealt with has done. They gave me all the original parts packaging from Rolex and all the parts that were replaced. They are not recycling parts, they are replacing the parts with original parts from the manufacturer. That alone spoke volumes to me as to the quality of the work. They’re slow and pricey, but worth every penny.  -Manuel F