Repair Form & Shipping Instructions

Below are instructions for how to safely and securely ship your watch to our facility, as well as our Timepiece Repair Form, which allows you to submit your timepiece for evaluation, estimation, and repair. For more details about the intake, estimation, service, and testing processes, please see our Service Department’s Basic Repair Process.

Please note that while there is no set fee associated with obtaining a service estimate for a relatively modern timepiece, vintage repairs are often subject to an estimating fee, at the discretion of The Watchmaker, and to be determined upon intake. Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos Clocks are always subject to an estimating fee: for more information see The Watchmaker’s Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos Clock Service Center homepage. Declined repairs that are not picked up in-person or donated for parts are subject to a charge to cover fully-insured return shipping from our Stoneham, MA facility. Declined repairs that have been sent to a manufacturer for estimation and factory service are subject to this return shipping charge, as well as an additional charge to cover the return shipping from the manufacturer.

Shipping Instructions


When sending your timepiece to The Watchmaker, please pack it securely in bubble wrap or a similarly protective material to prevent damage in transit. Do not include any packing materials that you would like to be returned upon completion of the repair (e.g. a display box or travel pouch). All packing material will be discarded.

In addition, to the item being evaluated for repair, please include a copy of our Timepiece Repair Form below.

The Watchmaker recommends that you send the timepiece via the major carrier of your choice; We receive daily deliveries from FedEx, UPS, and USPS. When shipping high-value items, make certain that the insurance valuation of your package is commensurate with the replacement value of the item.  For your convenience, our Service Department Shop offers pre-paid USPS shipping labels at three levels of insurance coverage. Purchasing one of these labels allows you to easily and safely submit most watches & timepieces for estimation or warranty service. 


For items up to $500.00 in value, use The Watchmaker’s Basic Shipping Label.

For items up to $3000.00 in value, use The Watchmaker’s Full Shipping Label.

For items up to $5000.00 in value, use The Watchmaker’s Premium Shipping Label


Sending in an Atmos Clock?  Please email us with the weight and dimensions of the package, and we will create a custom label for you.  Do not use the choices above, they are for much smaller/lighter boxes.

If you are not using one of our pre-paid labels, address all items being evaluated for service to:

Repair Department
WM Company
271 Main St
Suite 205
Stoneham MA 02180

Warranty Service

If you are requesting a warranty service, either under The Watchmaker’s General Adjustment Service Warranty, or a manufacturer’s performance and service warranty,  Please include copies of all relevant documentation and clearly note on the Timepiece Repair Form that your repair request is a “request for warranty service.” For more information about Oris Warranty Repair Service, see our Oris Service Center Homepage.

Timepiece Repair Form

If you are sending in multiple items/jobs please fill out a seperate form for each one.


  • Please use the field above to tell us why the item is being sent, any specific requests, etc. When you are ready to create a new repair order, please click the button below. It will generate a unique Order ID in our system and open a PDF for you to print and include in the package. If you are sending in multiple items in the same package, please create a new repair order for each one.