07 4 24 14NB Original rubber strap (without buckle) replacement for 2000s era TT1


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Oris strap NO CLASP- rubber without folding buckle.  You would purchase this if you already have the folding buckle for the rubber strap.

Fits many older Oris TT1 series including:









This part attaches to the watch with a screw/bolt system OR pins and friction tubes, depending on the style of the case.  All the new parts come with the screw/bolt system so if you need the pin/tube version it’s best to call to order 781 438 6977 or email bostonwatchco@gmail.com

Please note this item is the strap- NOT the complete watch OR the buckle.

If you want the complete strap, including titanium clasp or steel clasp you want to order

07 4 24 14EB Steel Clasp

07 4 24 14TEB Titanium Clasp



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