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CW21 Watchmakers

The Watchmaker specializes in factory level- watch service. We are Swiss-trained watchmakers with modern industry tooling and equipment.  Our facility is qualified to provide after-sales service for most major Swiss brands including, but not limited to, Rolex, Cartier, Oris, Baume & Mercier, Chopard, Ebel, Movado, Concord, Tag Heuer, Breitling, Omega, Tissot, Rado, Longines, Chopard, and countless others. If you have a question about what we can do we encourage you to contact us.  You are also encouraged to review our pricing/policy page.

You are welcome to walk in during business hours; no appointment necessary.

How the Process Works

When sending your watch to The Watchmaker, please pack it securely in  bubble wrap or similar material to prevent damage in transit.  We recommend sending your watch via a trackable method with insurance if the item is valuable.  High-value  items or watches that cannot be replaced (ex. a family heirloom) should be shipped  via USPS Registered, which is the safest method of shipping a watch.  If you would like  help with this, please let us know and one of our service advisors will gladly assist in  choosing an appropriate method.  Please include a copy of our repair request form,  the link is also located to the left of the screen.  If you are unable to print this, we encourage you to fill it out anyway as we receive an electronic copy automatically when the form is completed.  Regardless, when sending your watch please make sure we have all of your relevant contact details and a note that states why the  item is being sent.


Hand Written Log Of All Incoming Packages upon Receipt

When the package arrives, it is signed for and entered into our incoming log.  The  package is then opened, the contents carefully inspected, documented,  photographed, and entered into our custom-designed repair tracking system.  An  “Order ID” is then generated, which will be used throughout the process to identify your individual repair.  You will receive an email at this time that includes the  photographs, initial take in notes, and an update as to when you will receive more  information or an estimate.

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The watch will then be inspected by an expert watchmaker. Parts costs and availability will be researched, and an estimate will be emailed to you for your review.  If the estimate is approved, we will ask for your credit card at that time or send you a link for online payment.  If you decline the repair estimate, generally the only charge is for shipping/handling/insurance.  The cost of this varies depending on the declared value of the item(s), but common costs for returning watches (repaired or unrepaired) are detailed here.   If you do not wish to have the item returned to you we will recycle the watch at no charge.

Please note, if during the evaluation we find an obvious/easily resolved issue (loose screws/dead battery, etc) we will make repairs as necessary as we see fit up to $75 without generating an estimate.   This saves you money by saving our time.



We generally offer two levels of service- Comprehensive Service or Basic Interventions, also called “Partial Repairs.” 


Spare Parts Department

Basic Interventions are limited in scope- this might mean a battery replacement with water-resistance test, replacement of a scratched crystal, tightening a clasp, etc.  Most basic interventions take a couple of weeks unless there are extenuating circumstances.  This level of repair is available only on watches that are otherwise in good condition.   Please note we do not perform partial repairs on watches that do not pass our inspection.

Comprehensive service includes complete cleaning and servicing of the watch’s mechanism to original factory specifications, cleaning and refreshing of the case and bracelet, replacement of all sealing components (as available), and a check of the watch’s water-resistance.  Comprehensive service includes a 12 months warranty as well as an option to extend the warranty to 36 months.


A Watchmaker at the Bench

Although updates are not normally provided during the course of a repair, you are welcome to check in from time to time.  We make no guarantees on time-frame of a repair.   We strive to complete repairs in a timely manner and on schedule and, when asked, we provide our best estimate as to when a repair may be completed based on where it is in the process.   The anticipated date of completion may be subject to change at any time during the repair process.

When the repair is completed, it goes through a 24-48 hour testing phase, and then progresses to quality control where a supervisor carefully inspects the timepiece to make sure that the original requests were addressed, and that the item has been repaired to our strict standards.  The timepiece is then packed up securely, a tracking number is emailed to you, and finally the timepiece is shipped back.




Quality Control

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Thank you for considering The Watchmaker to service your timepiece.
-David Kurdzionak
CEO Boston Watch Corporation dba The Watchmaker