GW9500-1A4 – Master OF G – Mudman


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Slim, yet powerful, this MUDMAN design packs full-on functionality in a striking exterior built with an intricate combination of components. The digital compass is more practical than ever thanks to the dual-layer LCD, which displays compass graphics on the top layer and time and other readings on the layer below. The GW-9500-3 and GW-9500-1A4 feature a negative dual-layer LCD. Taking utility to a whole new level, radio-controlled solar power delivers precision timekeeping powered by light, while Super Illuminator ensures visibility, even in dark places.

Basic Information

Case size (L× W× H)
56.7 × 52.7 × 14.8 mm

81 g

Case and bezel material
Case / bezel material: Bio-based resin

Bio-based resin band

Shock Resistant
Mud Resistant
Carbon Core Guard structure

Water resistance
200-meter water resistance

Power supply and battery life
Tough Solar (Solar powered)