2002.SS.BL.BL.PTC Squale 2002 Blue Leather, Blue Dial, Leather Strap, 22mm


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The 2002 is Squale’s professional diving watch par excellence since 1960. Now it is the watch of choice for diving enthusiasts. The history of the 2002 line is one of collaborations with professional workers and athletes in their underwater endeavors, and is constantly evolving to fit their needs. The current line features a case back mounted helium valve for added safety for divers using it as a tool during their intense dives. The 2002 was the first professional diving watch to incorporate a bezel with the “Push to release” system. This system prevents the bezel from being rotated until a light pressure is applied, thus avoiding accidental knocks or scrapes which could potentially move the bezel and cause the wearer to lose track of dive time.

The 2002 Blue Leather features a blue dial coated in Superluminova C3, a highly luminescent substance for maximum readability in dim-light conditions, making it perfect for deep dives. It’s stainless steel casing is durable, yet maintains a moderate weight. It’s genuine Italian leather strap adds a sense of style and dignity, making this watch a great addition to any wardrobe and style, as well as the watch for diving enthusiasts who need a serious, advanced timepiece.

Reference: 2002.SS.BL.BL.PTC
Case: 2002 Blue, Steel 44mm
Movement: Automatic, 38 hour power-reserve
Dial: Blue
Water Resistence: 100 ATM
Warranty: 2 year manufacturer’s service warranty