New watch viewing also available by appointment

A timepiece becomes part of you; you look at it hundreds of times every day.  It should fit you in every way- fit your personality, match your style, and be comfortable.  There are often too many choices- do you want quartz, automatic, manual winding?  Sport watch or dress?  Arabic numbers or Roman?  If this is your first purchase it can be intimidating.  If you own multiple watches and are already a connoisseur, then you know how much fun it is to try on a new watch, talk about it’s complications and features, snap photos and share online, etc.

We invite you to make an appointment for the most personal service available.  Sit down, enjoy complimentary refreshments, and speak with our experts one on one.  Choosing a watch is fun, don’t rush through the process.  Take your time, visit for a while, and let us make the process easy, unique, and fun.

Please call 781 438 6977 to schedule an appointment, or email