Warranties on Watch Repairs Explained

If we are overhauling your watch, we offer a 12 months warranty included with the service.  If you’d like the peace of mind that comes with a longer warranty, we offer our General Adjustment/Service Extended Warranty, G.A.S. warranty for short.   The same benefits and limitations of our normal warranty apply; our repair warranty is stated below.  The cost of the additional year on a modern watch is $59.95.  Vintage watches may differ.

Complete Factory Service and parts installed in conjunction with that service are warranteed for twelve months (or 24 months with our General Adjustment/Service Extended warranty).  Stems, crowns, crystals, and partial repairs (watches that were not overhauled) are not warranteed.  Warranty void if damaged by water, abuse, or service other than The Watchmaker.

Partial Service /Minor Intervention Policy:

There is no warranty on partial repairs, however as a courtesy we usually offer to apply a previous partial repair’s cost toward a comprehensive service if the watch requires a second repair within one year.  Shipping costs are not reimbursed.

For example: In January we replace a watch battery for $40, 6 months later the battery is still fully charged but the movement has failed for some reason.  The July estimate might say “overhaul @ $150 minus $40 credit for previous battery replacement”.


Warranty Limitations:

If a watch is submitted for warranty repair and determined by The Watchmaker to be a valid warranty claim, we will cover the service/adjustment and, if applicable, the return shipping/handling/insurance within the USA.  International repairs will incur a shipping charge.  It is the watch owner’s responsibility to send the watch in and incur any associated costs/insurance associated with sending the watch.  The warranty covers only parts that were replaced during the original service.

The G.A.S. warranty must be purchased when the original repair is being approved or while the repair is still in process.  It cannot be purchased at a later date.

This warranty is offered and fulfilled by The Watchmaker alone and is not affiliated with any manufacturer.

If you have any questions, one of our service advisors would be pleased to speak with you.  781 438 6977