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On November 5th I decided to take the day off from the shop.  20+ years ago a gentleman named Bill used to take clock repair lessons here and also would help around the shop from time to time.  He is an old family friend.  He moved up to Waldoboro ME many years ago but we always kept in touch with him.  Early this past summer he called us, he’s retired from repairing watches and clocks and was looking to free up some space in the house.  I figured we’d pick a nice day in the summer to go up but never found the time.  Fast forward to this week, the forecast was weather in the 50s.  This is going to be the last possible week to do it, so I said what the hell.  Called Bill and he said “come on up”.

About about the half way mark I met my Dad in Portland ME, a gorgeous town and old Seaport.  I dropped my car off and hopped in his pick up.  Our first stop was Swiss Time, a wonderful watch and clock store and repair center located on Market St in the old port.  A great selection of fine watches and a modern watch repair shop as nicely furnished and staffed as many Swiss shops I’ve toured.  If you’re in Portland, pay them a visit.

Next stop was just a few doors down, The Thirsty Pig.  Nice staff, good sausage, and excellent craft beer.

Enjoying a couple craft beers at the Thirsty Pig

Enjoying a couple craft beers at the Thirsty Pig









From there we headed up old Route 1 till we got to Waldoboro and finally arrived at Bill’s house.  Bill was happy to see us and we were happy to be out of the truck.  Anyway, we packed up the truck, tied everything down, and hit the road.  It was a nice day all around- good to get out of the shop, great to hang out with my Dad, and nice seeing Bill and our friends at Swiss Time.


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