Processing/Handling Charges

On Jan 27th 2019 the USPS instituted new rates on the products we use most commonly (Priority/Express).  Our base shipping costs have adjusted to the higher cost.


Returning a watch (repaired or unrepaired) normally costs $17.95-$36.95.  This charge covers:

  1. Detailed inspection/photography/documenting of incoming repairs
  2. Evaluation by a watchmaker/contacting manufacturers for parts cost/availability, etc
  3. Detailed estimate generated in our system and access to phone or email consultation with a professional watch expert.
  4. Return shipping/handling/insurance.  If expedited (overnight) shipping is requested or if it’s a high value item the cost to ship will go up.
  5. Every watch that ships from us is insured and sent with tracking.  If you provide an email you will get the tracking number sent automatically.

If you ship in multiple watches shipping can be consolidated to save on shipping costs.  Please note we don’t accept prepaid labels.


Average shipping cost by brand:


Victorinox/Swiss Army/Rotary $17.95

Oris $36.95

Tag Heuer/Breitling/Rolex/Baume & Mercier $36.95 and up based on insured value