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Authorized Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos Clock Service Center

The Watchmaker is an authorized repair center for Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos Clocks serving the United States.  Our service team has decades of experience servicing this amazing clocks.  These clocks run perpetually, without winding, using subtle natural changes in temperature to power complex and elegant internal mechanisms without any human intervention. As a unified achievement of horology, chronometry and design, it is one of the finest clocks ever manufactured, and should be maintained and serviced with the same level of officially certified care with which it was originally assembled. The Atmos Clock Service we provide consists of a complete disassembly, inspection and estimation, and repair of the mechanism performed by our certified master clockmaker.

The Watchmaker Atmos Service Process

When preparing to ship your Atmos Clock to The Watchmaker’s Atmos Service Center for estimation, always begin by securely locking the clock’s pendulum while it is at the apex of one of its rotations. This allows the clock to preserve enough impetus to resume oscillation upon unlocking the pendulum, and protects the delicate torsion apparatus from damage during transit. The location of the locking mechanism varies from model to model, but is generally either a lever directly above the pendulum, or prominently located on the clock’s base. Once the pendulum is safely locked, the clock can be carefully moved and packed for transport.

If you are uncomfortable or inexperienced with shipping high-value frangible items yourself, The Watchmaker highly recommends bringing your clock to a UPS store, which will be well-equipped to assist you in sending the clock to our facility. If you are local to our main Stoneham, MA facility you are always welcome to deliver the clock in-person. The Watchmaker’s Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos Service Center is open weekdays from 9:30AM-5:00PM. For more information about our basic shipping and repairs processes, please see our Basic Repair Process and Timepiece Repair Form.

Address all items being shipped for estimation to:

Repair Department
WM Company
Suite# 205
Stoneham, MA 02180


Upon your package’s delivery to our Service Center, it is signed for and logged by a member of our staff. The parcel will then be opened, and the contents carefully inspected and photographed before it is entered into our system and a work order ID generated.  If you have filled out our repair form, an order ID will have been generated which you will use anytime you want to inquire about the job.

Estimation & Servicing

Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos Clocks are always subject to a minimum estimation fee of $150 (shipping is additional). The estimation process includes complete disassembly of the clock, cleaning of the internal components and inspection of the mechanism. When an Estimate is generated, it will be emailed to you for review. The estimate consists of a service charge and the itemized cost of all required and optional components, as well as fully-insured return shipping, when applicable. If you decide to approve the estimate, the estimation fee will roll over into the cost of service, and we will require either payment in full or a method of payment on file that can be charged upon completion in order to move the timepiece forward into the servicing phase. If you decide to decline the estimate, the clock will be returned to you after you are billed for both estimation and return shipping.

Upon approval, the clock will have all necessary parts sourced and ordered; The Watchmaker uses only genuine Jaeger-LeCoultre replacement components in the course of service. The clock will then be moved into a queue with others awaiting service. Once serviced, it will be extensively tested, calibrated and adjusted to superlative timekeeping specifications over the course of several weeks. The Watchmaker does not provide specific guaranteed completion dates, and the turnaround time for Atmos Clock Service is open-ended. While we strive to return your clock in as timely a manner as possible, we place a premium on successful and high-quality repair, and all requested estimates for completion given are subject to revision as required. Upon certification that the estimated repair has been satisfactorily completed to a factory standard, the completed repair will be billed in full and shipped, with tracking information being provided via an emailed Paid Invoice.

Warranty and Support

Our Atmos Clock Service includes a 2-year performance warranty. If properly maintained, it is not uncommon for an Atmos Clock to continue to perform well within expected tolerance for decades between service.

To begin the process, please fill out the form below.

Repair Form 2023

Form to send in when requesting a repair.

  • Please use the field above to tell us why the item is being sent, any specific requests, etc. When you are ready to create a new repair order, please click the button below. It will generate a unique Order ID in our system and open a PDF for you to print and include in the package. If you are sending in multiple items in the same package, please create a new repair order for each one.