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The Official USA Oris Service Center


For more than a decade, The Watchmaker has proudly served as the Official Service Center for Oris Watches in the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean, providing repairs and adjustments, warranty service, and aftersales support and accessories to the Oris community. We continue to work closely with Oris and our customers in order to provide long-term assistance with any and all Oris servicing needs.

The Watchmaker is the only facility in the country fully equipped to perform service on Oris timepieces using directly sourced genuine manufacturers parts. For more information about our basic repairs process, including how to submit a watch for a paid estimation or as a request for warranty service, please see our Basic Repair Process and Timepiece Repair Form.

Oris Warranty Service

Most Oris watches purchased through an Authorized Dealer come with a 2-year manufacturer’s service warranty, which can be extended for an additional year if registered on MyOris. Some specialized models featuring Oris’ in-house movements may have extended warranty periods. It is the responsibility of the retailing Authorized Dealer to activate the initial warranty upon selling the watch, and a watch’s warranty must show as activated in Oris’ Warranty Activation System in order to be considered for coverage under Oris warranty.  International purchases may require additional documentation such as bill of sale to validate the request for warranty repair.

Most modern Oris watches will be inscribed with a serial number on the caseback, comprised of two numbers, followed by five additional numbers, in the format: XX-XXXXX.

The Oris watch pictured above has the serial number 3892014

If you are unsure of the warranty status of your watch after searching for the serial number in the Warranty Activation System, please contact the Authorized Dealer where you purchased the watch, and ask the dealer to ensure the warranty has been properly activated. If the serial number does not appear to be activated, if the warranty period appears to be expired, or if there is any evidence that the manufacturer’s performance warranty has been voided prior to intake, an estimate for paid service will automatically be generated per the procedure outlined in our Basic Repair Process.

Warranty repairs are intended to correct a single issue or suite of issues which are the result of an uncommon manufacturing defect. Therefore, when submitting a request for warranty service, please be as specific as possible when describing the issue you have observed so as to assist our watchmakers in quickly correcting the problem. If we cannot identify or replicate the issue described, we will return your watch after careful inspection and thorough testing of it’s timekeeping, power reserve and water-resistance.


Oris OEM Accessories

The Watchmaker is the USA’s primary consumer supplier of genuine Oris accessories. In addition to the straps, bands, and bracelets listed on our web store, we are also able to supply any still-available Oris accessories, including straps, bands, bracelets, connecting hardware, links, and toolkits. We can also provide accessories as part of a repair estimate, if requested. All orders are filled according to present stock and availability, and certain items may need to be special-ordered from Switzerland.

Oris Service Center FAQ

How should I submit my watch to The Watchmaker?

The Watchmaker’s Service Center is open weekdays from 9:30AM-5:00PM. If you are local to our main Stoneham, MA facility you are always welcome to deliver the watch in-person. The vast majority of Oris watches submitted for service are shipped in using our Timepiece Repair Form, and we receive daily deliveries from all major carriers.  Please note some carriers may not insure watches. For your convenience, our Service Department Shop offers pre-paid USPS shipping labels at three levels of insurance coverage. Purchasing one of these labels allows you to easily and safely submit watches for estimation or warranty service. In most cases, Oris watches should be submitted using either The Watchmaker’s Full Shipping Label, with up to $3000.00 of declared insurance value, or The Watchmaker’s Premium Shipping Label with up to $5000.00 of declared insurance value. Higher-value watches should be sent in using the major carrier of your choice, with an insurance valuation commensurate with the replacement value of the watch.

Do not include any packing materials that you would like to be returned upon completion of the repair (e.g. a display box or travel pouch). All packing material will be discarded.


How long does it take to obtain an estimate for a paid service?

Typically, our estimation team will generate a service estimate for an Oris watch within 10-14 business days of the watch being logged in to our repair database.  Due to volume and staffing this can sometimes take longer.  Some specialized models and/or watches which feature Oris’ in-house movements may need to be sent to Oris Headquarters in Hölstein, Switzerland for estimation and service. Estimates are not generated on requests for warranty repairs.


How can I approve or decline a paid service estimate?

You can approve a received estimate by phone or email. We require either payment in full or a working method of payment on file in order to proceed. To pay online, use our online payment portal, taking care to accurately input the work order ID of the estimate you received. Declined repairs that are not picked up in-person or donated for parts are subject to a minimum $45.00 charge to cover fully-insured return shipping from our Stoneham, MA facility. Declined repairs that have been sent to Oris Headquarters in Hölstein, Switzerland for estimation are subject to this return shipping charge, as well as an additional charge to cover the return shipping from Switzerland.


How long does service take?

The Watchmaker does not provide specific guaranteed completion dates on either paid repairs or on warranty services. Any estimate provided by The Watchmaker as to when a service will be completed is an average based on all projects currently in shop, shipping of parts from international suppliers, and staffing capacity, as well as a myriad of other factors. While we strive to return your watch in as timely a manner as possible, we place a premium on successful and high-quality repair, and all estimates of turnaround time given are subject to revision as needed.  As of Spring 2024, the average completion times for Oris repairs are as follows:

Oris Comprehensive Service: Average 4+ months

Oris Warranty Repair: Average 2-3 months

Oris In-House Movement and Factory Repair: Open-ended.


How long is the warranty on service?

In almost all cases, an Oris comprehensive service comes with an automatic 12-month performance warranty, with an option to extend that warranty under General Adjustment & Service for an additional 24 months. Warranty services do not come with any additional performance warranty.


How will my watch be returned to me? 

Completed repairs are generally returned via UPS or USPS.  Completed warranty repairs shipped within the United States are not subject to any return shipping charge.