Official Service Center for Oris USA

Official USA service centerThe Watchmaker is the Official Service Center for Oris for the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean.



If you have questions about servicing your Oris timepiece, feel free to contact us.

You may walk in to our service center 5 days a week, or mail the watch via the carrier of your choosing. We receive UPS, USPS, and FedEx daily.

To learn more about how the repair process works, please click here.

When you are ready to send your watch in, please fill out the repair form.

Looking for Oris straps?  We have the full array of Oris replacement straps available.   The Watchmaker can provide the complete assortment of factory original bracelets and straps, rubber, leather, etc for your Oris product.  Our team can assist you in finding the right one.


Oris Service FAQ

How do I get my watch to The Watchmaker?

We are open 5 days a week if you would like to drop off your watch personally.  Most watches are shipped in, we receive deliveries from all major carriers.  We generally return watches via UPS or USPS.  Please note some carriers do not insure watches.  We recommend insuring your watch for the original purchase price or reasonable replacement cost.  Our service advisors are happy to help you choose the right carrier/shipping method and will be glad to help.  Contact Us

How long does it take to get an estimate?

Typically you can expect an estimate/update within approx 7-10 business days of the watch being logged in to our repair database.   Estimates are not usually generated on warranty repairs.  Typical timeframe for a warranty repair is approx 4-6 weeks depending on if parts need to come from Switzerland.

My watch is under warranty, what is the process?

If your watch was purchased from an Authorized Oris Dealer, it comes with an international 2 year warranty.  The Watchmaker is the only location within the United States authorized to perform repairs under warranty.  Additionally, if you register your purchase during the first year of ownership you can extend the original manufacturer’s warranty to a total of 3 years.

To have a watch considered for a warranty repair, we must have a copy of:

1. Bill of sale

2. Warranty card, stamped and dated by the authorized dealer, with the model and serial numbers matching your watch

If you are requesting a warranty repair during the 3rd year, you must provide the above documents and the MyOris confirmation.  If any of these documents is missing or incomplete a warranty repair will not be available.

If the watch is opened by anyone other than an official Oris service center, the manufacturer’s warranty is voided.  Please note authorized dealers are not authorized service centers, The Watchmaker is the only authorized service center in the USA.

The watch owner incurs the shipping costs to send the watch in for warranty repair.   If the watch is approved for warranty repair, Oris will then cover any labor/parts costs and also will cover the return shipping costs.


I purchased my watch on the internet and it has a problem, can I send it in?

You are welcome to send your watch in for evaluation and paid repair.  Oris and The Watchmaker do not provide warranty repair/support on watches purchased from non-authorized Oris dealers.  You will be responsible for all repair, parts, and shipping costs.

I received my estimate and am ready to proceed, what next?

You can approve by phone or email, we will request a credit card over the phone to begin.  You may also use our online payment service.

I received my estimate, but I do not wish to have any repairs done at this time- what next?

You can decline by phone or email, you can pay for the return shipping/handling using our online payment service.   There is a minimum $40 charge for the return of an Oris watch; this includes shipping/handling/processing/insurance, etc.

How long does a warranty repair take?

On average warranty repairs take  approximately 3-6 weeks depending on the nature of the needed service, whether or not parts have to be imported, etc.  This is not a guaranteed turnaround time, but it is the typical range.  We of course strive to return your watch in as timely manner as possible.  Please note that during COVID we are unable to guarantee return dates due to staff absences.

How long does a comprehensive service (overhaul) take?

On average a comprehensive service takes 8-10 weeks from the date of approval.  This is not a guaranteed timeframe, but we always do our best to return your watch as soon as possible.  Please note that due to COVID absences repairs can take even longer.

How long is the warranty on a comprehensive service?

Comprehensive service automatically comes with a 12 month warranty with an option to extend it to 36 months.

 Still want to know more?

The repairs process is explained here.